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Medical Cover allows you to skip the queues of the public system and get the medical treatment and diagnostic tests you need, fast. As the most popular insurance for Kiwis, it now pays over one billion dollars in claims every year.

Click on the below link to determine how much Medical Cover you need. Complete a series of questions and receive the best insurance advice for your unique situation. Contact one of our team if you'd like to know more.


Medical Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

Over 1 million Kiwis have Medical Insurance. It pays over $1.14 Billion in claims every year.

We are lucky that in NZ we have a pretty good public health system, however, this often let's people down in elective surgeries, such as; knee, back and hip operations, leading to, long periods of pain and time off work.

We have seen first-hand Medical Insurance save client's lives, by getting quick world-class treatments in areas such as cancer care and cardio-vascular.

Getting Medical Insurance early on in your life, means there are less pre-existing conditions for the insurer to exclude and you get more choice in what is currently a very competitive market.

Our Registered Financial Advisors will take into account your personal needs and wants, and give advice on the best product for you.

The Medical Insurance industry is extremely competitive, however, due to the number of options available, it is incredibly complex and confusing. Most products have a focus on different areas of treatment, eg GPs, physio, specialists and tests, operations and high end cancer care benefits. It is absolutely vital you get advice on what is right for your needs and wants.

By receiving expert advice, we can ensure you are paying smart premium on the things you need and not wasting money on things you don't.

We have many ways of making Medical Cover fit your budget. It is important to get the correct advice to ensure your product is not only cost effect, but delivers what you need at claim time.

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