We're on a mission

Our mission

Our mission is to lead the way in online insurance advice and customer care, from first click to claim time. As Registered Financial Advisors, we make high quality personalised insurance advice available to all Kiwis. Armed with family values, the ClickCover team want to help protect you and your family the way we protect ours.

What we do

Insurance is a specialised and complicated field. It's our job to understand over 25,000 marketplace options, so you don't have to, and to ensure you get exactly what insurance cover you need. Whether it's the best product, price, quality, financial strength rating or claims performance, we'll provide the top recommendations across all the major insurers for you to choose from. Your personal Registered Financial Advisor will be with you every step of the way.

Why we're different

ClickCover is the first of its kind. You won't find another online insurance platform like us. We've combined the smartest technology with personalised advice, making insurance accessible and easy.

The ClickCover journey


Back in 2002, Co-Founder and Financial Advisor Jamie saw that for everyday Kiwis it wasn't easy to receive top quality insurance advice. He felt that a lot of people were being let down by the industry because they weren't getting the expert advice and service they needed and deserved. With over 25,000 options and variations within personal risk insurance alone, it is a specialised field, so it's no wonder people struggle with it.

The idea to utilise and develop technology to better serve Kiwis' insurance solutions was born in 2016. The goal was to provide not just a another "quote and compare" website", but one that would deliver expert advice to Kiwis from the comfort of their own home or business.

Rebecca soon joined Jamie, bringing her Marketing and Communications professional experience. Together, they created a "world first" insurance platform that allows Kiwis to receive personalised online insurance advice, easy as!

Please join us, as we continue on our ClickCover journey.



Meet the team


Jamie Toon
 A true professional, Jamie is an industry-leading Financial Advisor specialising in personal risk insurance. Jamie really cares for his clients and their financial security.
Jamie Toon

Managing Director

Rebecca Toon
Rebecca's role is to entice, inform and engage ClickCover's customers and ensure Kiwis know just how easy high quality insurance advice is to get.  
Rebecca Toon

Marketing and Communications Manager